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CPL event information

More information on the prizes available at the CPL's coming tournaments in Dallas is now available on the CPL website. The Frag 4 team-play event will be primarily sponsored by Heat.net, with a top prize of $8,000 (to be split between the winning four man team), with $4,000 for the runners-up and $2,000 for the third place team. There will also be a special $800 prize for the "most valuable player" - a kind of "man of the match" thing.

Meanwhile prizes for December's Babbages CPL event, which will focus on Quake 3 duel action, include $25,000 for the winner, $15,000 for the runner-up, and $10,000 for the third place man. In a good move for pro-gaming, the prize money will be shared out amongst more mid-range players as well, with everybody in the top 64 getting at least $200. For the full details, check the CPL website

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