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Jason Jones of Bungie Interview

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Image credit: Eurogamer

When the rumours started last week that Microsoft was about to buy Bungie panic spread across the net like wildfire with people panicking that PC users were not going to see Halo at all. Since then there has been lots of rumour and counter rumour as to the fate of Halo. Daily Radar has interviewed Jason Jones, Bungie's co-founder and the guiding developer behind Halo, to find out the definitive story behind all the rumours about the fate of Halo on the PC.

Firstly he cleared up the rumour about what platforms Halo is going to be released on, "To be honest, we haven't decided yet". He then addressed the story about Halo already being finished, saying "we have a big way to go on the PC. We just started playing network games. I wish I could say 'oh, yeah, we're almost done,' but no, it's not true".

More than a few people have been wondering about the amazing movies that have flown around the net since E3, some critics who claim that although Halo looks fantastic, all the screenshots and movies are from an unplayable camera angle, "The game will absolutely look that good when you're playing it, but sure, you couldn't possibly play an action game -- not a real one anyway -- from some of the movie like camera angles we've used in the our trailers and will continue to use in our in-game cut scenes."

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