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Counter Strike Beta Updated to 6.5

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Image credit: Eurogamer

To tie in with the new Half Life patch the lads doing Counter Strike have released a new version of their massive mod for Half Life. Counter Strike seems to be taking over the world with a huge number of players playing every night. This new version aims to build on that.

With the TF2 network code CS should be even more playable now, and allied with this version taking out the cheats which have plagued the game, Counter Strike is only going to get bigger and bigger. In this version a lot of the old maps have been re-worked and a couple of new maps introduced. We also see new smoke grenades in this new version.

The new version is available as either a patch (for those of you with CounterStrike v6.0 or 6.1 already), or a full download for the rest of you -

download full version from 3D Downloads

download full version from Barrysworld (UK)

download full version from FilePlanet

download patch from 3D Downloads

download patch from Barrysworld (UK)

download patch from FilePlanet

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