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EuroCup - Eyeballers interview

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Image credit: Eurogamer

The transcript of my interview with top Swedish Quake 3 clan, the Eyeballers, is now online. This interview was done at the EuroCup finals in Hilversum on Saturday evening, just before their match against Germany's Schroet Kommando, and covers their matches thus far, their opinions on the tournament, and of course the joys of a holiday in Holland (coffee shops!) amongst other topics...

For a full list of our coverage of the event, check the index page! Coming later today - a full report on the grand final match between Eyeballers and Ars Moriendi, lots more photographs, an interview with Ars Moriendi, and an interview with event organisers Talita and Godsmurf from ClanBase.

EuroGamer - number one for event coverage!

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