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EuroGamer Network round-up

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Breaking news from around the EuroGamer Network...


MoHo (PSX) - futuristic gladiatorial combat game previewed

Railroad Tycoon II (PSX) - PlayStation port of hit anorak 'em up reviewed

Resident Evil : Survivor (PSX) - latest installment of the Resident Evil series reviewed

Resident Evil 2 (N64) - another Resident Evil game reviewed

ReVolt (DC) - radio control car racing game reviewed

Mortal Kombat - looking back at the classic gory beat 'em up series


Card Fighters' Clash (NGPC) - card fighting game reviewed

Magical Tetris (GBC) - Disney's take on Tetris reviewed

Double Dragon - looking back at the classic beat 'em up

Zelda : Link's Awakening - looking back at the old GameBoy adventure

GameBoy Colour vs The World - has Nintendo got the hand-held gaming market sewn up?

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