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"I like sex. A lot." - Grossman

have managed to track down and interview Lt.Col. Grossman, who is notorious in the gaming community for his views on violent computer games, describing Quake as a "murder simulator", and writing a book called "Stop Teaching Our Kids to Kill: A Call to Action Against TV, Movie and Video Game Violence".

It makes for interesting reading, not to mention rather disturbing... He will be a witness in a case against computer and video game companies brought by parents of victims of a school shooting, and says that "the [gaming] industry is going down in flames". Let's hope not, or I'll need to find a new job. ;-)

Seriously though, in his conclusion he says that he does "NOT want to ban violent games. Like guns, and porn, and alcohol, and tobacco, I want us simply to enforce the industry's own rating system. Adults can have it, kids can't". Which is fair enough - here in Europe we enforce ratings much more strictly than the Americans, and the system (more or less) works. I don't see any reason why American distributors shouldn't follow our example...

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