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Apex Legends update nerfs Spitfire and Bocek Bow

School of hard nocks.

Apex Legends' Legacy update has now been live for over a week - after a somewhat wobbly start - and Respawn has already rolled out some balance changes for two weapons. The Spitfire and newly-added Bocek Bow, both considered overpowered by the player community, have been adjusted to make them a little less lethal.

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As explained on the Legacy patch notes page, the Spitfire's bullet damage has been reduced from 19 to 18, while gold and purple magazines will now hold 50 bullets instead of 55. The Bocek seems to be getting a much more severe nerf, with maximum damage decreased from 70 to 60, stack size decreased from 16 to 14 and inventory slot count decreased from 48 to 28. The Bocek's charge up time and Deadeye's Tempo hop-up charge time are also being increased by 0.2 seconds. I imagine this is all to prevent this sort of thing from happening:

The Bocek definitiely isnt broken from r/apexlegends

The update also brings a number of fixes to the game - including one for those low-detail character models ("goodbye derpy blob Legends, you will be missed" say the patch notes). At one point Valkyrie's passive was highlighting players that were "not alive and/or in spectator mode," something that has also been fixed. Creepy. More importantly, the update brings some general stability improvements, which should hopefully help prevent some of the server issues we saw last week.

One of the changes that was initially supposed to arrive in this update was a fix for the "ghost rock" in the Phase Runner map for Arenas, which allows players to hide inside and effectively camouflage themselves. Respawn explained that the fix has been delayed for "quality control reasons," but warned that "abusing the exploit while it's still around is bannable." So don't go getting any ideas about using it, or else you'll be gravelling to be let back in.

As for the accidental nerf to Wattson's fences (which currently don't stun or slow enemies), it seems like that's also getting fixed soon. "Aiming to get Wattson fence fixes out in a patch next week," said director of communications Ryan K. Rigney. "That one sucks, we know." For the sake of all Wattson mains I hope this is fixed soon, as it seems like a real barrier to success.

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