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Careful, Wattson fans - her fence in Apex Legends is useless right now

Watt's going on?

Respawn has seemingly nerfed Wattson's electrified fence in Apex Legends.

As spotted and shared by Twitterer LilakeyLK, it looks as though the latest season has not only introduced a new Legend and competitive mode Arenas, but it's also made a tweak to one of Wattson's key defences... with an emphasis on "fence".

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Previously, running into Wattson's fence would slow down an opposing player, but now it looks as though the slowdown and corresponding stun has been removed, essentially making the fence useless (thanks, PCGN).

Here, see it in action - or not as the case may be - below:

The good news is it looks as though the issue is a bug rather than an intentional feature - an unverified Twitterer claiming to work for Respawn says they've reported the glitch to "the team", so hopefully, it'll be addressed soon.

The much-anticipated Legacy update for Apex Legends arrived earlier this week, and while Apex saw record numbers of Steam players and a huge audience on Twitch, it wasn't exactly a smooth launch. The high demand meant many couldn't get into matches, while players also reported problems with the in-game menus and marketplace.

As Emma explained at the time, the reason for the influx of interest (aside from the addition of jetpack-wielding character Valkyrie) is that this season introduces a new permanent mode to Apex Legends called Arenas: a competitive 3v3 experience with reduced RNG and intense gunfights. It's been described as the first step in taking Apex Legends "beyond battle royale", and as she found out in a recent interview with director Chad Grenier, we might eventually see further experiments in Apex Legends such as single-player PvE content. Or more of it, at least.

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