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Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp now has two in-game events running

Things are getting in tents.

Still playing Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp? Nintendo's anthropomorphic sim for smartphones now has a second in-game event running to keep you busy.


From now until next Monday's reset (6am) you'll gain friendship XP at a faster rate when completing villager requests. Unlocked all 44 animals? Well now there are four more: Bluebear (a bear), Antonio (an anteater), Phoebe (some kind of bird) and Raddle (an horrific frog in a face mask).

Each animal unlocks new items as rewards, and there are four more furniture sets to collect to please them.

All of that is in addition to Pocket Camp's more substantial Christmas event, which is running now until Boxing Day (6am). It offers an additional crafting material (candy cane) to turn into festive furniture and wearable santa suits.


Two weeks into its release, the app's mechanics haven't got any deeper, and its ever-pressing demand for you to buy some premium Leaf Ticket currency remains. But I have, somewhat surprisingly, kept playing - beyond the time needed to do so for Eurogamer's Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp review.

I'm still playing exactly how I want to, while still not having spent a penny. I set myself a goal to unlock both Tom Nook and KK Slider for free, which was a grind and absolutely not worth the time or Tickets required, but with Christmas items to collect I found myself picking Pocket Camp up again. Plus, there are new timed goals to invite four more villagers to the campsite this week which I just might hit...

Yesterday, Eurogamer reported on Nintendo's earlier idea for the game - a prototyped version named Animal Crossing: Town Planner.