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Four years on, Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp has now outlived New Horizons

Big update adds new features and third monthly subscription to mobile spin-off.

Nintendo has had limited luck in the mobile space, but Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp stands as one of its continued success stories.

Today, more than four years after the campsite sim first went live, a fresh update has added several new features and another optional monthly subscription. The number of animals you can invite to your campsite has been doubled from eight to 16, and the game now hosts a Pocket Planner diary where you can track in-game events.

There are further additions if you pay up for the new Merry Memories subscription, priced at 79p per month. This adds customisation and sticker options for your planner, plus the inclusion of your phone's pedometer data and an additional track of seasonal event rewards.

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You can already pay £2.99 per month for the app's Happy Helper Plan, which offers 60 Leaf Tickets and a caretaker who will look after things while you're not playing the game.

You can also pay a separate £7.99 per month for the Furniture and Fashion Plan, which expands your storage and lets you pick five gacha-style fortune cookies per month.

Subscribe to all three plans and you'll be paying £11.77 per month. Also, Tom Nook will be thrilled.

Despite once having ambitions to launch multiple mobile games per year, Nintendo has recently slowed its smartphone output.

The gacha-powered Fire Emblem Heroes and Mario Kart Tour still receive updates, though other games such as Miitomo and Dr Mario World have been shut down.

As for Animal Crossing: New Horizons on Nintendo Switch, unfortunately, Pocket Camp seems to have outlived it in terms of being actively updated. New Horizons' big 2.0 patch arrived in November last year as its final update, and there are no plans to expand the game further.