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Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp releases this week

UPDATE: Available to download now.

UPDATE 21/11/17: Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp is now available to download for free.

Pocket Camp is available to download straight from the Google Play Store for Android users, however it doesn't seem to be on the UK App Store yet. But don't worry, we have you covered. If you follow this link to the Japanese App Store on your phone, iOS users can download the game.

Though Pocket Camp is available to download, servers are currently offline for Apple users. Android users, however, can download and play the game now.

ORIGINAL STORY 20/11/17: Last month Nintendo revealed details of its free-to-play Animal Crossing mobile game for iPhone, iPad and Android. Until now the game has only been available in Australia, though savvy players in other regions have found their way around the problem. Now, finally, Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp has a global release date.

According to a tweet by trusty secretary Isabelle (obviously the developer and not a real dog), Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp will release globally on 22nd November. That's this Wednesday!

In Pocket Camp, you are a new campsite resident eager to make your camp the place everyone wants to hang out. To do this, you need to travel around area in your camper van collecting items, completing tasks, making friends and crafting new items for your site.

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Though the game is free-to-play there are microtransactions available: Leaf Tickets can be bought from Tom Nook to speed up crafting or building projects. But remember, patience is a virtue.

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