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Animal Crossing: New Horizons wedding event begins today

Plus a new shop slot, timed items and more.

Last night I logged onto Animal Crossing and Isabelle told me that May would soon be leaving. For a moment, I panicked. Who was May!? I hadn't even said hello! It's been a long month.

Anyway, June is now definitely here (no idea who she is either) and as a result, there are a few new things today in your Animal Crossing town.

First up is the launch of Animal Crossing's wedding event, which sees alpaca couple Reese and Cyrus getting hitched for the entire month. Well, bells do grow on trees.

Head on over to Harv's Island via the airport and you'll get daily requests from them to set up wedding furniture and take photos. You'll receive a new Heart Crystal currency in reward to unlock further wedding furniture as the month progresses. Here's a video guide, if you want to see the new gameplay in action:

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Log on to the Nook Shopping kiosk (or use the app if you've unlocked it on your NookPhone) and you'll find a handful of fresh seasonal items: a toy cape and crown, and a father's day mug.

Step on over to Nook's Crossing and there's a new item sale slot by the front door, which for me today was selling a desk fan. I have seen other people report they have a desk fan here too. Someone else told me they have a surfboard. What do you have?

And finally, there are numerous new bugs and fishes to collect, including (in the Northern hemisphere) the debut of sharks. Four different types! As you'd expect, these fetch a high price if you turn one of these in (15k for a Great White).

Eurogamer has a full guide to the fish and bugs arriving (and leaving) in June here.