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Angry Birds Trilogy achievement takes approximately 300 hours to attain

Get 100 per cent destruction on every stage with the Mighty Eagle.

Angry Birds Trilogy will have an achievement that developer Rovio expects will take players 300 hours to complete.

As reported by Digital Spy, Rovio executive producer Kalle Kaivola noted this as an estimate for an outlandish achievement that requires players to clear all 700 or so stages with 100 per cent destruction with the Mighty Eagle.

"I'd love to meet the guy who does that first, I'm just totally going to congratulate them," said Kaivola.

Without going for the achievement, it's expected to take most players 30 hours to complete the anthology and 100 hours to do so with a three-star ranking on each stage.

These lofty goals may be ludicrous, but we suspect some Tommy-like savant will rise to the challenge. Any interest, Billy Mitchell?

Angry Birds Trilogy is coming to Xbox 360, PS3 and 3DS on 28th September, where it supports HD visuals, Move and Kinect at the expense of a ludicrously high price tag of $40 in the US, so about £25 in the UK. If you measure games in legal tender and length that's good value, but who measures that way anyway?

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