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Android apps are now available for Windows 11 beta users

Start and swipe.

Android apps are finally available on Windows 11, albeit currently just for users of the operating system's beta channel.

Microsoft made the announcement overnight via the Windows blog.

To get stuck in, you need to make sure your PC is on one of the Windows 11 22000 builds with virtualisation on in your BIOS. You also need to make sure you're running the latest version of the Microsoft Store.

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Your PC's region also needs to be set to the US (as the trial is currently only being conducted in the US).

Since Android apps are distributed by the Amazon Appstore, Microsoft says you need a US Amazon account, but Amazon credentials work across different regions so you should be able to use your local credentials just fine.

After that, just click here to go to the Microsoft Store which will guide you through the final steps.

There appears to be a very limited set of apps now, so if all this sounds like a lot of work, you might be better off just waiting until Microsoft releases a finished build.

But if you're dying to play some mobile games like Final Fantasy 15 or Clash of Clans, now's your chance.

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