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Analogue Pocket shipping begins right before Christmas

Customers advised to check availability and delay if necessary.

The delayed release of the Analogue Pocket will now begin from 13th December, due to "unprecedented shipping congestion".

Orders will be shipped from the 13th through until the end of the month, with deliveries expected to reach customers at some point between 14th and 30th December.

Customers who cannot accept delivery between these dates have been told to request a hold for their order, until a second shipping period for delayed orders begins on 3rd January.

Anyone wishing to hold their order back to ensure delivery to their chosen address has until 28th November. Alternatively, you can select an alternative delivery address until then too.

A blog post from the Analogue Support team asks customers to reply to an incoming email on the subject, or contact for help.

Today's news is another added wrinkle to a string of pandemic-fuelled delays for the retro handheld. The Analogue Pocket was once due out last year, before being shifted to May, then to October.

Pocket is Analogue's first foray into the world of portable gaming. The idea is to deliver a field programmable gate array (FPGA) driven console capable of playing Game Boy family cartridges either using its high-resolution internal LCD or via a dock connected to another display.

Support for Neo Geo Pocket Color, Game Gear and Atari Lynx is also possible via adapters. In recent years, new screens and mods have been developed for many of these original consoles but the Pocket seeks to combine everything into a stylish casing.

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