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Analogue Pocket maker is tackling the Nintendo 64 next with Analogue 3D

Due to launch in 2024.

A promotional teaser image for the Analogue 3D showing a close-up of the machine in profile, heavily obscured by shadow.
Image credit: Analogue

Analogue, the boutique console manufacturer known for its work building slick machines capable of playing classic retro cartridges, has announced the Analogue 3D - a "reimagining of the N64" that's coming in 2024.

Analogue 3D, which follows the likes of 2021's well-regarded Analogue Pocket and the PC-Engine-inspired Analogue Duo, is another FPGA machine, and promises 100% compatibility with N64 games from every region: USA, EU, and Japan.

It can output at 4K resolution, features original display modes, and also includes "reference quality recreations of specific model CRTs and PVMs".

Digital Foundry's John Linneman had a lot of nice things to say about the Analogue Pocket in 2021.Watch on YouTube

Additionally, the Analogue 3D has four "original-style" ports for those wanting to use a classic N64 controller (or four) with the machine, but also supports wireless bluetooth and 2.4g.

Beyond that, there's not much more to report - Analogue hasn't even shared a proper image of the Analogue 3D yet, instead favouring the mysterious shadowy tease seen above - but the company says the machine is due to release sometime next year, and interested parties can sign up to be notified when it becomes available.

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