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An early look at Wasteland 3 gameplay

UPDATE: Romps past $2.75m goal in three days, coincidentally.

UPDATE 10TH OCTOBER: It's another runaway crowdfunding success for Brian Fargo and inXile as Wasteland 3 surpasses its lofty $2.75m goal in three days.

For reference, Wasteland 2 raised $2.93m on Kickstarter back in spring 2012.

It's onto stretch goals now, then, and Wasteland 3 has a brilliant one: a talking car companion codenamed Morningstar that's unlocked at $3m.

There's a brief lore piece for Morningstar shared in the celebratory Fig update post. Sounds like the car is old and was once programmed to be the President's, an AI chauffeur. It also sounds like the car can equip weaponry and has old databases you can unlock, presumably unearthing some mysteries.

Here's the Morningstar monologue senior writer Gavin Jurgens-Fyhrie shared:

Cover image for YouTube videoWasteland 3 - A Frosty Reception

ORIGINAL STORY 5TH OCTOBER: InXile has released a snippet of gameplay for Wasteland 3 as it launches the game's crowdfunding campaign.

In the video, below, we see a couple of minutes of very early days footage of the party-based post-apocalyptic role-playing sequel. We see the new setting of Colorado, a significant visual improvement over Wasteland 2, and a new camera perspective for conversations.

Wasteland 3 is being built using the latest version of the Unity game engine by much of the team who worked on Torment: Tides of Numenera. It features vehicles and multiplayer, and is planned for launch on Windows, Linux, Mac, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One at the same time.

The Wasteland 3 crowdfunding campaign on Fig targets $2.75m, with $2.25m coming from equity. Unlike Kickstarter, Fig lets backers invest in games.

Returning backers of all inXile projects get a $5 discount on rewards backing. All who back within the first 48 hours get a free game, either the horror adventure Stasis, or the old school turn-based post-apocalyptic RPG UnderRail.

Here's the pitch video.

Cover image for YouTube videoWasteland 3 - Fig Campaign Pitch