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American McGee plans kart racing MMO

Pitches it in public on his blog.

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Eccentric, Shanghai-based game creator American McGee has torn the wrapper off his next concept - and, improbably, it's a Chinese kart racing casual MMO.

McGee revealed the project, called BaiJiu Racer, on his blog. He's working on it with the Shanghai studio he's currently producing American McGee's Grimm with - Spicy Horse.

Yes, Spicy Horse.

BaiJiu Racer will be a kart racing MMO in the vein of Nexon's hugely successful KartRider. It will apparently distinguish itself with an authentic Chinese art style "featuring a timeless portrayal of everyday Chinese people and locations" - you can view some of the concept art on McGee's flickr.

It will also avoid power-ups in favour of skill-based racing, and feature a narrative backbone and "emotional drama".

Apparently ICEE has already snapped up the publishing rights for China, but McGee's blog is intended to pitch the project to publishers in the rest of the world because, well, he can't be bothered to travel.

"I'm getting old, China is FAR from the rest of the world, and the Internet can do a lot of amazing things, so here's a game pitch for the next generation," McGee said.

So, if you're a publisher with a taste for the bizarre, get in touch.

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