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Amazon US ships Gran Turismo 7 a week early

"The cafe area is really the stand out feature of GT7 so far."

Gran Turismo 7 isn't formally released until next week, 4th March, but some fans have already got their hands on the racer thanks to early shipping from Amazon US.

Though the game's "always-on" connection requirement means much of the game remains locked off until servers go live next week, some players have nevertheless been able to mooch around a bit, with one citing the cafe area as "the stand out feature of GT7 so far".

"Been playing all morning. Just can't redeem any codes or do anything online," wrote another early player on the game's Subreddit.

"Game's gorgeous. Great soundtrack. No B-spec mode, but that always seems to come later anyway. They set it up as a career mode, so you level up and open up new things like races and new parts in the tuning shop by collecting cars."

While no one's able to redeem any codes just yet, the OP states that you kick off with 20,000 Cr and are directed to the car dealership "right away".

If you're intrigued ahead of the racer's official street date, head on over to Twitch - some players are already streaming their early impressions.

As Martin told us earlier this month, the latest feature for Polyphony Digital's racing game has been unveiled - and while it won't be ready for launch, it could be one of the more interesting innovations in the PlayStation exclusive: Sony AI.

Dubbed Gran Turismo Sophy, the feature is the first fruit from Sony AI, a division set up in 2020 to help Sony 'accelerate into an AI powered creative entertainment company' in the words of CEO Kenichiro Yoshida.

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