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Amazon launches digi distribution service

Download casual games for 9.99 or less.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Amazon has launched a casual games download service, with more than 600 titles available for GBP 9.99 or less.

The digital distribution service is currently being run as an open beta and Amazon promises more functionality as time goes on.

You can download any game from the site for a free 30 minute trial before deciding whether to buy or not, which is nice. "Casual Games are a natural fit with our demographic," Amazon's Greg Hart told Kotaku.

"We have 88 million active customers who can appreciate the convenience of the true Amazon shopping experience combined with the casual games experience."

Hart went on to hint that the service may move beyond casual games: "We always want to offer the widest selection possible, just like we've done with our boxed games over the past two years."

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