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Amazon is finally retiring Prime Video from the Wii U

Prime video is on Wii U?

As of the 26th September, Wii U owners will no longer be able to access Amazon Prime Video from their devices. It had to happen sometime!

Prime Video users have been receiving emails informing them of the bad news, and offering $25 credit towards buying certain Fire TV device to help cushion the blow.

"We are continually upgrading our service and this occasionally means we can no longer support certain device models," the email states.

"To help you continue streaming your favourite content, we're offering you a $25 credit towards select Fire TV devices which will allow you to continue to stream your favourites from Prime Video."

Luckily, for the (three?) people that still use their Wii U to stream video, you'll still have access to apps like Netflix, YouTube and Hulu (in the US, anyway).

Amazon Prime Video is still yet to come to the Switch, so as of September you'll have to look somewhere other than your Nintendo device to continue any shows exclusive to the platform.

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