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Amazon Fallout series seemingly renewed for second season, before first episode even airs


Kyle MacLachlan as Vault 33's Overseer in Fallout.
Image credit: Amazon

Before its first season has aired, Amazon's Fallout series has been set up for a second run.

Variety reports that the California Film Commission has awarded $152m in tax incentives to a number of TV shows, with the second season of Fallout included on this list.

"Fallout has the largest budget of any of the shows, at $153m in qualified expenditures for the season," Variety said.

Fallout: The World Of Featurette.Watch on YouTube

As a result, Fallout's production is currently primed (pun not intended, but here we are) to move to the Golden State for its next season. The majority of the first season was produced in New York, although some filming also took place in Utah.

Earlier this month, the show's executive producer Jonathan Nolan - who co-wrote many of his brother Christopher Nolan's films, such as The Dark Knight and Interstellar - said his love for the games began with Fallout 3.

"I didn't know much about it and I was in the mood for a distraction," Nolan recalled, before jokingly adding: "I think Chris had tasked me with writing The Dark Knight Rises and so if that movie was slightly delayed, it was probably in part because of Fallout 3."

The first season of Fallout is set to release on Amazon Prime Video this Thursday, 11th April. While it will not arrive with any references to bugs and glitches in its first season, the show does seem to be shaping up to be a pretty authentic take on the video game series. Back in March, Bethesda's own Todd Howard actually stated some ideas planned for Amazon's adaptation had to be nixed, because the studio has them earmarked for Fallout 5.

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