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All boss action game Furi releases new trailer

"Easy to learn, hard to master."

Furi is one of those perfectly simple but winning premises that's so immediately easy to grasp and appealing that you can't help but fall in love with it. An action game comprised entirely of boss fights, Furi mixes the speed and colourful palette of Bayonetta with the isometric perspective of Zelda and the simplicity of Titan Souls or Punch-Out!!

As detailed on the PlayStation Blog, Furi only offers you seven moves. You can dodge, swing your sword, shoot and parry. Beyond that, there are charged variants of these maneuvers so you can strike harder, stun an opponent with a more powerful shot, or dodge further. That's it.

"The gameplay is the essence of the catch line 'easy to learn, hard to master,'" said developer Emeric Thoa.

Yet that concise ruleset is elastic enough for developer The Game Bakers to effortlessly switch from a Zelda-like duel of deflecting shots, to a bullet hell gauntlet, to a Metal Gear-esque blend of stealth and tactics with rising walls forming makeshift mazes. As you can see in the new trailer below, even a single fight can drastically switch between different action sub-genres.

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The Game Bakers prides itself on Furi feeling fast and responsive. "Too often in modern games, we press a button and then, in order to make the game look realistic, the character will start an animation that 'looks good' but 'feels heavy,' and is unresponsive, even laggy," explained Thoa. "Responsive controls feel good and are a must have in a combat game."

"A fight can last 10 minutes or an hour and a half depending on how you play," the developer added. "And of course, each guardian in the game has one or two special tricks, a special weapon, and ability that makes him or her unique."

It all looks rather splendid too with Afro Samurai creator Takashi Okazaki designing the bosses.

Furi is due later this year on PS4 and PC.