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Stylish boss rush hack-and-slasher Furi is heading to Switch next week

Stranger danger.

Psychedelic boss rush extravaganza Furi is making its way to Switch next week, Thursday January 11th, according to its developer The Game Bakers.

Furi first launched on PC back in 2016, and has since made its way to Xbox One and PS4. The upcoming Switch version is described as being "entirely feature complete", and includes the game's "One More Fight" DLC, the option to speed-run the ultra-challenging Furier difficulty mode - this has never been available on console before, apparently - plus all improvements and updates seen in other versions.

According to The Game Bakers, Furi is "a love letter to Japanese action games such as No More Heroes, Metal Gear Solid and Godhand". It pits protagonist The Stranger against 12 distinctive bosses, each requiring entirely different strategies to defeat - all based around the game's streamlined one-on-one "dash-and-slash" action core.

Furi's striking boss character design comes courtesy of Afro Samurai creator Takashi Okazaki, and its cracking electro soundtrack features music from the likes of Carpenter Brut, Danger, and The Toxic Avenger.

Eurogamer awarded Furi a shiny silver Recommended badge when it reviewed the PC version last year. "[The] shabby peripheral elements prevent Furi from being a masterpiece," said reviewer Jeffrey Matulef, "but scarcely detract from the exquisite white knuckle action Furi delivers in spades [..] Elegant, deep, inspired, and oh so tight, Furi is a gem."

Furi will cost £17.99 / €19.99/ $19.99 USD when it launches on the Switch eShop next Thursday, January 11th.

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