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Alan Wake's American Nightmare to be more action-oriented

XBLA game to be faster-paced than original.

Alan Wake's American Nightmare, the new Xbox Live Arcade installment of Remedy's series, is going to be more action-oriented than the 2010 original.

"One of the things about Alan Wake is that people loved the story, the setting and the theme but people wanted more in-your-face action," Remedy vice president Aki Järvilehto told Eurogamer, "people wanted more variation, different types of enemies and different types of weapon."

And that's precisely what Alan Wake's American Nightmare will offer - as well as a new arcade mode that sits alongside the story called Fight 'til Dawn. While details are still scarce on the new mode, it's safe to assume that it'll offer the same kind of wave-based gunplay of Gears of War's Horde mode.

"It's more faster-paced, and more action-orientated," said Aki, "I think people expect that from an XBLA game."

The news came as Remedy unveiled the PC version of Alan Wake - although the Finnish company was unable to confirm or deny if American Nightmare would also be coming to the PC at some point in the near future.