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Actually, Assassin's Creed: Syndicate, I think you'll find…

That British Railways wasn't founded until 1948.

Eagle-eyed Assassin's Creed fans have found a little historical inaccuracy in Syndicate.

Syndicate is set in London circa 1868, the midst of the Industrial Revolution. And while trains were of course doing their thing at the time, one train company in particular certainly wasn't: British Railways.

Busted. Cor blimey!

As seen on Reddit, the Syndicate trailer released by Ubisoft, below, shows a train with the British Railways logo on it, but British Railways didn't exist until 1948.

Quick history lesson: in 1948 the "Big Four" train companies, the Great Western Railway, the London and North Eastern Railway, the London, Midland and Scottish Railway and the Southern Railway, were nationalised to form British Railways. British Railways traded as British Rail from 1965.

It's a small mistake easily rectified, we imagine. But that hasn't stopped fans from coming up with an explanation for how it could make sense within the wider Assassin's Creed universe.

It's the result of a glitch in the Animus, apparently. Here's one Redditor's take:

Here's my favourite "I think you'll find", though, from Trainfanz:

Best do your homework, Ubisoft. We Brits love our trains, and we're watching.

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