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Activision bigs up Prototype 2

It's a tentpole release, says Hirshberg.

Activision considers Prototype 2 to be a major title among its portfolio of blockbuster franchises - and evidence that it remains committed to new IP.

Activision Publishing CEO Eric Hirshberg was keen to remind about how successful the first Prototype was.

"We often get painted with the brush that says we're only just working on our existing franchises," said Hirshberg. "New IP with Bungie, new IP with Skylanders, doubling down on new IP with Prototype; what we're focused on is making the games that we feel we can make better than anybody else, the places where we have a unique advantage, idea or development partner, that can set us apart.

"People forget that Prototype was the biggest selling new IP the year it came out," he added. "Launching an IP is the hardest thing to do in this business. I think nine out of ten of the best selling games last year were based on existing franchises.

"We only do it when we think we've got a really breakthough idea and a competitive advantage.

"We feel we can grow Prototype. That's obviously much more of a core audience - it's a grotesque, ultra-violent, beautiful game - that obviously doesn't appeal to everybody. It really appeals to the people who play it, so we think we can grow that."

Prototype was released in the summer of 2009. To date, the game has sold two million copies.

Prototype is an open world action game that follows the story of Alex Mercer, a mutant who absorbs enemy powers and searches tirelessly for his maker.

Eurogamer's Prototype review awarded an unspectacular 7/10.

Prototype 2 was announced at the end of 2010. The sequel has a new hero, James Heller, and a new power, tendrils. There's only eight months left until release.

Eurogamer peered at the private Prototype 2 earlier this summer.