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Acclaimed post-apocalyptic shooter Metro Redux heading to Switch next month

Includes Metro 2033 and Last Light on one cart.

4A Games' celebrated first-person shooter series Metro is heading to Switch next month, 28th February, in the form of two-game collection Metro Redux.

The Metro games, if you've yet to make their acquaintance, are based on the work of author Dmitry Glukhovsky, telling a bleak post-apocalyptic tale of survival far below Moscow. Players take on the role of Artyom, one of many human survivors who, following a devastating nuclear war, are forced to eke out an existence along the city's underground rail system.

As you might imagine, 4A's video game adaptations lean heavily on the gunplay, but there's considerably more to admire than mere mutant-felling shooting action. They're deeply atmospheric, brilliantly choreographed single-player experiences, with Eurogamer calling the original Metro 2033 - which is included in Metro Redux - "inventive and beautiful... carefully written, and lavishly imagined" back in 2011.

Cover image for YouTube videoMetro Redux on Nintendo Switch™ Announce Trailer

Redux, which debuted in 2014, functions as something of a do-over for 4A's earliest Metro games. It combines the original Metro 2033 and its 2013 follow-up Metro: Last Light (plus all DLC) into a single package, giving both titles a new lease of life with extensive visual and gameplay refinements - and it's this version that Switch owners can enjoy next month.

Metro Redux will be getting a physical release on Nintendo's platform, with both included on on a single 16GB cart, no additional download required. Publisher Deep Silver also notes that Metro 2033 Redux and Metro: Last Light Redux will be sold as individual digital releases on Switch's eShop come 28th February.