Metro Redux

Key events

FeatureThe secret stories of Metro

'An empire of myths and legends'.

Jelly DealsJelly Deals: There's a Deep Silver publisher sale on Xbox Live

Up to 75% off Homefront, Saints Row, Metro Redux and more.

A new Metro game has been teased for next year

UPDATE: Won't actually be out until after 2017.

Metro Redux titles now offer lengthy free demos

About a third of each game on consoles.

UK chart: Metro Redux shoots to the top

Madden NFL 15 touches down in sixth.

Digital FoundryFace-Off: Metro Redux

Cross-format analysis, plus original vs remaster comparisons on PC.

Digital FoundryMetro Redux: what it's really like to develop for PS4 and Xbox One

Frank discussion with 4A Games about the new wave of consoles.

Digital FoundryPerformance Analysis: Metro Redux

Last Light and 2033 head-to-head on PS4 and Xbox One.

Digital FoundryDigital Foundry vs Metro Redux

Xbox 360 vs Xbox One. PS3 vs PlayStation 4. Is this the remaster you've been waiting for?

Metro Redux release date announced

Going deeper underground.

See what Metro's next-gen remakes look like in action

Due this summer, "Redux" runs in 60 fps, adds new gameplay modes.