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AC: Revelations "no rush job"

"We always aim for a 90-plus game."

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Assassin's Creed Revelations is no rush job, creative director Alexandre Amancio has insisted.

"Production itself takes about a year, but keep in mind we've planned it far in advance," he told GameInformer.

"It's not like a hundred people crunching it for a year. It's a huge team across many studios with different types of expertise and we fit them all together.

"We always aim for a 90-plus game."

Amancio co-ordinates the six Ubisoft studios currently working on the project. Development is headed by most of Ubisoft Montreal's 2000-strong workforce, with backup from Ubisoft Québec, Annecy and Bucharest. Singapore and Massive complete the brotherhood.

Why the name Revelations? Amancio says answers are on the way. Spoilers may be ahead. You have been warned.


"We decided to give players a lot of the answers they've been waiting for since AC II," Amancio said. "Things with Minerva, Juno, a lot of details of the end of the world plotline in 2012. As we get closer and closer to the actual 2012 marker, the franchise is concluding its major opus."

Minerva and Juno are members of a non-human race that previously called the Earth home and are heavily involved in the series' current cliffhanger.

"We're going to reveal a lot of stuff about the first civilisation storyline, the Ezio and Altair storylines and explain why Ezio is so important to the franchise... What role Altair plays in that destiny, and how Desmond fits in," Amancio concluded.

In Revelations, players see Ezio ascend from master assassin to mentor. It sets the scene for a new character in Assassin's Creed III.

New gameplay elements such as Templar Dens, a hookshot and bomb-creation also feature.

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