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A year since its last trailer, here's a peek at Soviet shooter Atomic Heart

I have no idea what just happened.

Developer Mundfish last shared a snippet of its upcoming, wonderfully atmospheric Soviet-era shooter Atomic Heart over a year ago now, and that was a full year after the game - which is due to release on Xbox One, PS4, and PC at some currently unspecified future point - was first debuted in one hell of an arresting trailer, as Matt reported at the time.

Since then, a 45-minute segment popped up on a Russian-language gaming website, but other than that it's been eerily quiet... until now.

"Take a closer look at the laboratory of the USSR, which is used to carry out experiments on people and construct robots," teases the video description, which also confirms the trailer is created in Unreal Engine 4.

It's at this point I'd typically describe the trailer to you but... I have NO IDEA what just happened, to be honest, and I don't think a single second of it makes sense. All I do know, however, is that I want more - and as soon as possible. Here, see for yourself (thanks, VG24/7):

Cover image for YouTube videoAtomic Heart - Official Gameplay Teaser #2 (2020)

There's no set date for Atomic Heart's release just yet, but there are more weird sights to behold on Mundfish's website and the game's Steam page, which tells us that Atomic Heart is "an adventure first-person shooter, events of which unfold in an alternate universe during the high noon of the Soviet Union. The principal character of the game is a special agent P-3, who after an unsuccessful landing on enterprise "3826" is trying to figure out what went wrong".