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Atomic Heart getting DLC this summer

Pumping out more.

Soviet fantasy Atomic Heart is set to receive its first piece of DLC this summer.

A new teaser trailer has been released, which hints at some of the undiscovered locations yet to be explored in Facility 3826.

It's only 20 seconds long, but begins underwater (how very Bioshock!) before revealing some squiggly pathways in the sky. You can check it out below.

Atomic Heart - DLC#1 Reveal TeaserWatch on YouTube

Atomic Heart was released back in February amid controversy around the supposed Russian origins of its developer, Mundfish.

Even after release, racist cartoons were discovered in the game, although the developer later apologised and seemingly removed them.

Our reviews editor Chris Tapsell still found some positives in the game. "It's a grab-bag of ideas from other games that made them their own, and viewed as a whole it's derivative and over-ambitious," he said in his Atomic Heart review while criticising its marketing, "which is a shame because, individually, these disparate parts are often quite good."

The, currently unnamed, DLC is included in the Gold and Premium editions of the game.