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UK Charts: Top ten in gridlock

Only two new entries this week.

The Chart Track all-formats chart is suffering from the traditional summer lull this week, as only one new entry breaks the top ten - while there's no change for the top six titles.

THQ's movie tie-in, Cars, has suffered a 15 per cent drop in sales, but it's still comfortable in the top spot ahead of Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories, New Super Mario Bros, The Sims 2 and Pro Evolution Soccer 5.

Heavy television advertising helps Dr Kawashima's Brain Training hold onto the number six spot, while crawling up two places to number seven is Animal Crossing: Wild World.

Xbox 360 exclusive Ninety-Nine Nights is the only new entry at number eight, followed by two chart stalwarts - Star Wars: Battlefront II and Need for Speed: Most Wanted at nine and ten respectively.

Elsewhere in the charts, despite Eidos having had to recall the Xbox version of the game, Reservoir Dogs takes the number 14 position hostage as the only other new entry in the top forty.

This Friday sees the release of a number of high profile titles that look set to shake the charts up. THQ's Saint's Row for Xbox 360 is sure to break the top ten, while SCEE's The Getaway spin-off, Gangs of London, and EA's brawler Def Jam Fight for NY: The Take Over will be jostling for position as the highest chart entry on the PSP.

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