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UK Charts: Cars still in the lead

Liberty City Stories still in second.

The road block has turned into a pile up this week, as Cars keeps the lead and prevents any movement in the top end of the all-formats sales chart for a fourth consecutive week.

Take Two's GTA: Liberty City Stories sits patiently in second, followed by the first of three top ten DS exclusives for Nintendo with New Super Mario Bros. in third place again.

The Sims 2 swaps places with its older sibling, jumping two places from sixth to fourth, just ahead of Pro Evolution Soccer 5, which also climbs two places from seventh into fifth.

Dr Kawashima's Brain Training drops one place into sixth, EA's Need for Speed: Most Wanted racing back up the charts to secure seventh place thanks to a budget price and retail promotion.

The lower end of the charts are taken up by The Sims in eighth, Animal Crossing: Wild World in ninth - having jumped from sixteenth place thanks to continued television advertising - and FIFA 06 coming in for extra time in tenth.

New releases are once again thin on the ground this week, as the industry holds off for the summer and prepares for the Christmas season onslaught towards the later end of the year. All of Which means, of course that the congestion at the top end of the chart could continue for another week, leaving everyone else to scrabble for a better position on the back of retail promotions and budget price points.