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UK Charts: Cars still in pole position

Cars takes the lead on five different formats

THQ's animated movie tie-in is keeping well ahead of the pack for a second week on the run, overtaking the opposition on PS2, PSP, Xbox, GameCube and GBA - with PC and DS versions catching up fast.

The movie might be getting mixed reviews, but consumers are racing to the stores to buy Cars the game, sales of which are currently outstripping the competition across the board.

Rockstar has managed to steal another week in second place with GTA: Liberty City Stories and the world's most popular plumbers are still bottom-bouncing their way around third place, despite a 5 per cent sales drop for New Super Mario Bros. on the DS.

The grey matter continues to be tested as Dr Kawashima's Brain Training enjoys a 3 per cent sales spike and climbs from fifth into fourth place, while Big Brain Academy enters the lecture hall late and just misses a top ten entry at number 12.

The goals keep coming at retail for Konami, with Pro Evolution Soccer 5 climbing two places to number five, followed by the return of an old favourite as retail promotions push the original version of The Sims into sixth position.

Disney and Ubisoft continue to plunder the lower depths of the chart with Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest and Pirates of the Caribbean: The Legend of Jack Sparrow in seventh and ninth place respectively. EA's The Sims 2 is sandwiched between the two for another week in eighth place.

Sony roars into the bottom of the charts with Formula 1 '06, making roadkill of Activision's Over The Hedge - which slips out of the top ten and into eleventh place.

The bulk of the new entries in the top 40 chart this week relate to summer retail promotions, with several budget PC titles entering at 17-19, and Sony's SingStar Anthems hiding in the shadows at number 20.

Elsewhere in the charts, Finding Nemo swims back in at 26, The Incredibles slink back into their costumes at 33 and LucasArts continues its assault on outer space with Star Wars: Battlefront II charging in at 36.

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