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UK Charts: Cars refuses to brake

Race leaders pile up behind THQ's animated movie tie-in.

There's no movement in the top three this week, as THQ's multi-format cartoon racer continues its winning streak - while GTA: Liberty City Stories and New Super Mario Bros stall in second and third.

Marking its third week at the top, Cars continues to cling to the racing line and stay ahead of the pack, despite a 17 per cent drop in sales. Outside of the top three however, some old favourites are making a valiant and, in some cases, meteoric rise back up to the top of the charts.

The Sims (Original) is making the most of its retail promotions, climbing from sixth to fourth place, pushing poor old Dr Kawashima's Brain Training down one place into fifth position.

Sixth place goes to sibling The Sims 2, whilst other iterations of the popular people management game are creeping back into the charts further down. The Sims: Unleashed re-enters the chart at number 30, and The Sims: Superstar climbs six places to 31, leaving The Sims: On Holiday and The Sims: Makin' Magic to re-emerge at number 37 and 38 respectively.

Back in the higher end of the charts, Konami keeps up training for the new football season with Pro Evolution Soccer 5 in seventh place - followed by a top ten re-entry for EA's Need for Speed: Most Wanted, which climbs from 14 to this week's number 8.

Disney gets swallowed by the currents with Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest at number 9, and Activision continues to dodge traffic at number 10 with film franchise Over The Hedge.

THQ's Monster House marks the only noticeable new entry this week, coming in at number 18 ahead of the movie's weekend release, which should help push the title further up the charts next week - potentially overtaking Cars for the all-formats lead.