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Cars X360 demo on Live

Gold users only, mind.

It's the one you've all been waiting for! Yes! THQ's Xbox 360 version of Cars is now available to demo on Xbox Live Marketplace. Phew.

450MB's worth of data awaits you, allowing you to race as Lightning McQueen through Radiator Springs or tip tractors as Mater. No, I have no idea what any of that's about, but you can explore Kristan's PS2-version review for hints.

Incidentally, this is another demo that you'll only be able to nab if you're an Xbox Live Gold member, with Silver users getting it on 23rd November.

Oh, and Major Nelson, Xbox Live's director of programming, notes that it's not available to 360 owners in Asia, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Ireland, Netherlands, Norway or Switzerland, however golden they might be.