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A Song of Ice and Fire game revealed

Cyanide adapting fantasy book series.

French developer Cyanide has signed the exclusive rights to George R. R. Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire books.

Development on a game for PC and "next-gen consoles" has begun, and George R. R. Martin will help out. Cyanide mentions that the source material is "an ideal background for numerous genres of videogames", but gives no further detail.

A Song of Ice and Fire is an epic-fantasy series that follows three key interlinked storylines: the battle for control of a continent by several competing families; the mysterious threat of the Others in the north; and the journey of an exiled princess. Magic and dragons set the tone.

HBO is turning A Song of Ice and Fire into a television series, and there are already card and board games based on the books.

Cyanide is currently adapting Games Workshop's fantasy spots licence Blood Bowl for PC, Xbox 360, PSP and DS. The company has 70 people spread across two offices: one in Paris, France; the other in Montreal, Canada.