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A single piece of Red Dead artwork sent Take-Two shares soaring

Golden gun.

Shares of Rockstar parent company Take-Two have soared in value, thanks to the single piece of new Red Dead concept art.

You'll have seen the artwork by now - seven silhouetted figures against a Western backdrop - which has been taken to signal the imminent announcement of a new Red Dead game.

It's just one piece of concept art, but it was enough to send the internet into a tizzy and set Take-Two shares soaring up 5.5 per cent.

source: Yahoo Finance

The explosion of interest in the company can first be seen in weekend trading, when Rockstar released an image of its logo on the trademark red background of Red Dead Redemption. Shares then rocketed up in value with the release of yesterday's art tease.

Shareholders hold no future knowledge of what Rockstar will announce, but the flurry of interest around the project turns Take-Two shares into hot property.

It's reminiscent of how Nintendo stock soared over the summer just on the expectation Pokémon Go would generate monster profits (despite the fact Nintendo only owns a portion of The Pokémon Company).

Back to today - it remains to be seen what Rockstar will tease next. Both Red Dead posts appeared on the developer's Twitter at 2pm UK time. Keep your eyes peeled around then...

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