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Watch: 9 secrets you may have missed in the Prey gameplay trailer

It's a mugs game.

Remember that old trailer for Prey 2 - the one from E3 2011 that cast the player as a super cool Alien Bounty Hunter? Of course you do, that game looked brilliant. Pity it got cancelled then.

Fast forward to this years E3 and we were once again surprised by a Prey trailer, but this time the feeling was more along the lines of "WTF is this?" rather than "OMG I've got to play this!"

I was one of many who were left feeling a little underwhelmed and more than a bit confused by the new-look, rebooted Prey, but then last week Bethesda released a brand new gameplay trailer and I started to dig a little deeper.

I've picked both trailers apart in an effort to uncover the mysteries of Prey and try to work out exactly how the gameplay will work sans Tommy Tawodi.

There's a fair amount of speculation at work, along with a healthy dose of actual, solid information that you may have missed the first time round. For instance, did you spot the Gloo Gun that freezes enemies and also allows you to build makeshift staircases to reach out of the way areas? Its blink and you'll miss it appearance is one of nine secrets I've showcased in the video below.

Cover image for YouTube video9 secrets you may have missed in the Prey gameplay trailer

Do you think my detective work is completely wrong? Maybe, like me, these new revelations have piqued your interest in a game that was otherwise off your radar completely. Once you've watched the video why not come back here and let me know, in the comments below.