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505 doing Subbuteo DS game

Touch controls, online play.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

505 Games is set to release a Nintendo DS version of Subbuteo in September.

Developed by Italian outfit Artematica, it lets you flick players around the pitch with the stylus as you'd expect and also has online multiplayer.

According to 505's description, you'll use the stylus on the touch-screen to position players, attack, defend, pass and shoot, then click a finger-flick icon to choose angle and power "just like the real thing".

Meanwhile, the top screen provides "real-time feedback on all the match action with fouls, goals and even those all-important aerobatic shots".

In addition to a tutorial, there are tournaments and leagues, multiplayer via Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection and a game editor for changing player names and colours and creating new teams.

505 MD Ian Howe reckons "only the Nintendo DS could bring to life the touch and feel of the beautiful game in such an entertaining and engaging way", perhaps having observed how Spain and Italy certainly couldn't the other day.

"The huge DS market will also allow us to take Subbuteo to the entire family, in much the same way we all first played the game when we were young," he finished.

Check out our Subbuteo DS screenshot gallery for more clues on how this will work.

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