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3DS game Final Fantasy Theatrhythm now free on iOS

But only comes with two songs - rest of the content will cost up to $143.

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Square Enix's 3DS game Final Fantasy Theatrhythm is now freely available for iOS devices, the developer has announced.

But, unlike the 3DS version, the iPod, iPhone and iPad edition only comes with two tracks pre-installed. You have to buy the rest through in-app purchases. Extra tracks are priced at 69p each.

The rhythm-based Final Fantasy spin-off launched on 3DS earlier this year with 76 songs included. A further 56 tracks have been released as DLC (each sold to the tune of 90p).

On iOS, the game currently has 111 tracks to download, with exclusive tunes from Final Fantasy Tactics, Final Fantasy 7: Advent Children and GameCube spin-off Crystal Chronicles.

iOS users can also pay to download extra exclusive characters such as Tifa from Final Fantasy 7 and Serah from 13-2.

How much will it cost to download the lot? Siliconera has done the sums and calculated you'll pay $143 (roughly £88) for every piece of content.

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