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Players refuse to restock frontline of wartime MMO Foxhole in protest over state of game

Entrenched position.

A group of Foxhole players have gone on strike, causing problems for the persistent world wartime MMO.

Around 1800 players who act as dedicated logistics players have hung up their tools and founded LOGI - the "union-esque" Logistics Organisation for General Improvement, NME reported.

LOGI members say their issues with the game's logistics systems - laid out in an open letter posted to - are being ignored by Canadian developer Siege Camp. In response, they are refusing to restock the game's frontline units, with the aim of causing a breakdown of in-game supply chains.

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"We have seen a significant increase in demands for equipment on the frontlines," one LOGI member reported. "It has gotten a lot of people talking about problems with the system."

Foxhole's wars exist in a persistent world where resources must be harvested, manufactured and shipped to the front - from military vehicles down to individual bullets.

The LOGI group's list of requests is largely tied to how lengthy some of these processes are, with various bottlenecks described as "overly difficult", "tedious", "competitive" and "toxic".

Is it a cunning plan? Siege Camp is yet to respond, but Eurogamer has asked for comment.

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