Pokémon Go Gym Badges - What we know so far about Bronze, Silver and Gold Gym Badges

How the latest collectibles work.

Pokémon Go Gym Badges is something new to collect and level up as you battle and train your army of Pocket Monsters.

Revealed as part of the game's wider Gym rework update, these incentivise players to return to and improve specific Gyms, giving them more rewards as well as highlighting their efforts over time.

If you're interested in more on Pokémon Go's summer 2017 update, consult our Gym rework and Raid Battles pages.

How do Pokémon Go Gym Badges work?

Each Gym you interact with will give you a Gym Badge unique to that location. Simply spinning the photo disc will unlock the opening Basic badge.

To view your badges, go to your Trainer Profile, scroll down to Gym Badges, then List. You can also view them all by using the globe icon in the bottom left.

From there, Gym Badges come in Basic, Bronze, Silver and Gold varieties, each offering improved rewards when spinning the Photo Disc, and possibly during Raid encounters.

How to get Bronze, Silver and Gold Gym Badges

We do know we'll be able to level up Gym Badges by performing the following activities (thanks to the Silph Road sub-Reddit for clarifying some of these numbers):

  • Battling at Gyms (CP of Pokemon defeated divided by 10)
  • Adding Pokémon to the Gym (+ 100 Badge XP)
  • Holding a creature at the Gym (+1 Badge XP per minute)
  • Giving Berries to Pokémon held at the Gym (+ 10 Badge XP, as well as 20 Stardust and a possibility of Candy)

By performing the above activities, whether you are passive and prefer to increase Motivation as you pass a Gym, or are actively battling and holding creatures there, you can level up your Badge over time. All tier requirements aren't known yet, but it's believed to be 500 Badge XP for Bronze, then 2500 Badge XP for Silver.

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What else we know about Gym Badges in Pokémon Go

By levelling up Gym Badges, you will get better rewards when you spin the Gym's photo disc. Every tier adds another item, and you also receive another item if your Team is currently holding it. (Thanks to the Silph Road sub-Reddit for clarifying.)


Looking at the first images for Gym Badges above, Gym Badges also act as a management screen for Gyms, allowing you to see which Pokémon are where for the first time.

Each Gym Badge will also showcase a range of information about the Pokémon that is currently inside the Gym, from the time it's been in there, to number of victories and treats you've provided.


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