FIFA 17 player ratings by position - best strikers, best midfielders, best goalkeepers, best defenders, and best wingers

The best players in the game, and their ratings, for every position.

Arguably the main reason plenty of fans will hop into the latest edition of FIFA, all-new player ratings are always a huge draw. This year, we've separated our rankings into a list of FIFA 17's best players by postion, which you'll find here in this guide, and a separate piece listing FIFA 17's top 50 best players overall.

Of course, whilst some will want to assemble their own team of Galacticos, there's plenty of reason to steer clear of the big-budget buys and instead head for a policy focused around youth, too. For that, we've assembled a separate guide to the best, highest potential young players in FIFA 17.

Interestingly, FIFA 17's ratings are generally a tad inflated in comparison to FIFA 16, or indeed to this year's rival, PES 17. Averages and Overalls are higher across the board here, as you'll see below, although it's still a tad early to say if that's just a case of 'rating creep', or if it actually has an impact on how the game plays.

Player ratings for the best Goalkeepers in FIFA 17

As I mentioned in our breakdown of the best players in PES 17 (sorry to mention that name here...), goalkeepers are of course the most important players on the pitch and that opinion has nothing to do with my own not-so-illustrious past as a 'keeper myself.

There aren't too many surprises here, although some might argue David de Gea deserves to run Manuel Neuer a little closer for that top spot, whilst Arsenal's Petr Čech, formerly of Chelsea, is just edged out of the top three by his old teammate and Blues replacement Thibaut Courtois.

RankPlayerClubOverall Rating
1. Neuer Bayern Munich 92
2. De Gea Manchester United 90
3. Courtois Chelsea 89
4. Buffon Juventus 88
5. Čech Arsenal 88
7. Lloris Tottenham Hotspur 88
8. Oblak Atletico Madrid 87
9. Handanovič Inter 87

Player ratings for the best Defenders in FIFA 17

With FIFA 17 being such an end-to-end affair, having a set of strong, fast, reliable defenders is becoming increasingly important. Not a single Premier League defender makes it into the top 50 this year, which is a little disappointing - although probably a fair reflection of the league's general standard in recent times.

RankPlayerClubOverall Rating
1. Boateng Bayern Munich 90
2. Ramos Real Madrid 89
3. Silva Paris Saint Germain 89
4. Pepe Real Madrid 88
5. Lahm Bayern Munich 88
7. Godín Atletico Madrid 88
8. Chiellini Juventus 88
9. Alaba Bayern Munich 87
10. Bonucci Juventus 87
11. Hummels Bayern Munich 87
12. Marcelo Real Madrid 86

Player ratings for the best Midfielders in FIFA 17

It's always some debate as to which category wingers fall into. We've lumped them in with the strikers, as that's generally the way both FIFA and football in general is going. Anyone classed as a 'Left Midfielder' though, for example, will come under midfielders.

Although no midfielders break into the top 10 players in FIFA 17, that doesn't mean there aren't plenty of world class players in the middle of the park. In fact, there's an abundance - particularly of the creative variety - giving you a range of options for assembling your 2012 Barcelona-rivalling midfield.

Perhaps the bigest surprise here is Arsenal's Mesut Özil cropping up as top of the pack, ahead of the Iniestas, Pogbas and De Bruyne's of the world. Great player, but we'll leave you to tear that decision apart yourselves.

RankPlayerClubOverall Rating
1. Özil Arsenal 89
2. Modrić Real Madrid 89
3. Pogba Manchester United 88
4. De Bruyne Manchester City 88
5. Iniesta Barcelona 88
6. Godín Atletico Madrid 88
7. Reus Borussia Dortmund 88
8. Kroos Real Madrid 88
9. Hazard Chelsea 88
10. Rakitić Barcelona 87
11. Busquets Barcelona 87
12. Vidal Bayern Munich 87
13. Silva Manchester City 87
14. Rodríguez Real Madrid 87
15. Robben Bayern Munich 87
16. Payet West Ham 86
17. Matuidi Paris Saint Germain 86

Player ratings for the best Wingers in FIFA 17

Alright, time to get down to the business end of attackers, starting with wingers. The main talking point, as always, is the endless Messi vs. Ronaldo debate. Ronaldo gets the nod this time - which goes against the grain of Ballon d'Or awards of recent years, with the most recent one going to Messi.

Nonetheless, Ronaldo sits atop our list of best wingers in FIFA 17, with the rest below. Good wide men are essential this year, especially with FIFA 17's emphasis on pace, crossing, and heading once again, and they also come out as the highest-rated overall bracket too, so this list in particular is one to keep an eye on:

RankPlayerClubOverall Rating
1. Ronaldo Real Madrid 94
2. Messi Barcelona 93
3. Neymar Barcelona 92
4. Bale Real Madrid 90
5. Sánchez Arsenal 87
6. Di María Paris Saint Germain 87

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Player ratings for the best Strikers in FIFA 17

Finally, we've assembled a list of the best Strikers in FIFA 17 and their respective ratings. Barcelona's Suárez takes top spot, amid some strong competition from the lieks of Bayern's Lewandowski after his incredible season in the Bundesliga. Expect Griezmann to be a strong choice this year thanks to some blistering pace, too, while Ibrahimovic is a great bet for those who prefer pace on the wings and a strong header in the middle to get on the end of crosses.

Bear in mind that as well as Strikers this includes Centre Forwards - such as Thomas Müller, who also has an interesting story behind how EA Sports came to decide his player rating, and doesn't quite fit into the standard Striker role.

Meet the man trying to finish every game on Steam 'I rarely talk about this with anyone.' Meet the man trying to finish every game on Steam
RankPlayerClubOverall Rating
2.IbrahimovićManchester United90
3.LewandowskiBayern Munich90
4.AgüeroManchester City89
5.GriezmannAtletico Madrid88
7.MüllerBayern Munich87
8.BenzemaReal Madrid87
9.AubameyangBorussia Dortmund86

That's it for our list of the 50 top players in FIFA 17, but be sure to take a look at our list of best wonderkids in the game if you're looking to pick up players with the potential to hit the 90s for a fraction of the price. You can also head over to our main FIFA 17 guide and tips page, for plenty more on the game in general, too.


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