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New FIFA 19 objective says every player must be a goalkeeper - and it's basically Sunday League mode

Safe hands.

As FIFA 19 nears the end of its lifecycle, EA Sports has added one of the more fun objectives the game has seen: Sweeper Keepers.

One of this week's FIFA Ultimate Team objectives tasks players with winning three online single matches using only goalkeepers.

That's right - everyone on your team has to be a goalkeeper.

Players have been having fun with this quirky objective ever since it went live. You end up having a bit of a laugh using terrible players against teams of terrible players in Ultimate Team, a mode usually reserved for the sweatiest teams you can imagine. Basically, Sweeper Keepers is Sunday League mode.

So yeah, you see Tom Heaton up front and big Kasper Schmeichel playing at right back. It turns out Jordan Pickford's not bad as a defensive midfielder (actually he's very bad). Play German powerhouse Manuel Neuer on the left wing if you fancy it, rekindling memories of his desperate foray during the 2018 World Cup.

Cover image for YouTube videoGoalkeeper, Manuel Neuer (Germany vs Korea 0:2) - World Cup 2018

Despite how playing goalkeepers in every position turns your team into a bunch of part-timers, players are somehow doing pretty incredible stuff with goalkeepers in the game. Here's a flashy overhead, for example.

Just scored this with a Silver GK doing the GK objective. Wtf from r/FIFA

The objective reminds me of this wonderful goal compilation video from a player scoring using legendary Russian goalkeeper Lev Yashin. Have some of that.

The Young Russian Forward, Lev Yashin. from r/FIFA

Sweeper Keepers is going down well, and I'm even detecting an etiquette emerge where players are giving their teams certain names that indicate they're going for the objective and wouldn't mind a bit of help. I get the impression the FIFA 19 community is a tad burnt out with the game and fed up with its many issues, so this more relaxed, silly objective feels like a breath of fresh air.

FIFA 20 comes out in just two-and-a-half months, so FIFA 19 is on its last legs. Maybe EA's thinking now's the time to throw caution to the wind. I quite like it!