E3 2015 guide - all the conference times and announcements

UPDATE: All the biggest announcements in one place.

E3 is almost upon us once again, and now that the current-gen launch cobwebs have been blown away it's time to charge up the hype machine we all know and love. Microsoft and Sony will be offering up the more traditional E3 fare in the form of live presentations, while Nintendo once again opts for a more measured - yet no less tantalising - direct stream for its fans. There'll also be plenty of news coming out of the third party publisher events too.

In this guide, you'll find details of when each and every major E3 conference and broadcast starts this year. We've also included some recommended background reading if you want to get yourself up to speed for each of the big events. Before each conference, we'll also add a link to our live stream pages where you'll be able to watch the show along with us, and join in with our announcement reaction chit-chat.

When each of the presentations has ended, we'll strip out those recommended background reading bits and replace them with the biggest news that came out of each show. This should make it easier for you to catch up on all of the most significant announcements in one place, should it turn out that staying up until 4am isn't all that appealing after all.

A quick note on how we're handling timezones, as certain conferences straddle different days of the week depending on where in the world you're reading this article. By default, every conference date listed below is presented from a UK perspective. If a timezone difference affects the date elsewhere, then we've added a small note after each of the affected local times.

Microsoft E3 2015 Conference times - Monday June 15th

Watch our live stream and reaction to Microsoft's conference

  • BST: 5.30pm
  • CEST: 6.30pm
  • PDT: 9.30am
  • EDT: 12.30pm

Microsoft likes to go big at E3, and this year will be no different. There'll be the big hitters - Forza, Halo and Tomb Raider - but what's really exciting is the surprises that are no doubt in store. A look at what Rare's been up to? An update on how Platinum's exciting Scalebound is coming along? And what has become of Gears of War under its new stewardship? There'll hopefully be answers to these, and plenty more besides, in LA on Monday.

Microsoft's biggest E3 2015 announcements:

Sony E3 2015 Conference times - Tuesday June 16th

Watch our live stream and reaction to Sony's conference

  • BST: 2am
  • CEST: 3am
  • PDT: 6pm (Monday)
  • EDT: 9pm (Monday)

It wouldn't be an E3 without at least a smattering of leaks before the final touches have even been made to the show floor, and so it is in 2015. We now know that the remastered collection of Uncharted games will be making an appearance - not to mention Dark Souls 3 - but could it, really, finally, be the time to hear something new and concrete about The Last Guardian? Yes? No? Maybe?

Sony's biggest E3 2015 announcements:

Nintendo E3 2015 Digital Event times - Tuesday June 16th

Watch our live stream and reaction to Nintendo's Digital Event

  • BST: 5pm
  • CEST: 6pm
  • PDT: 9am
  • EDT: 12pm

Nintendo has once again prepared a special Nintendo Direct for E3 this year, and there'll be plenty more news from the Nintendo Treehouse in the days that follow the official flurry of announcements. At the very least, you should expect to hear more details about the future Mario Kart 8 and Super Smash Bros. DLC, the Wii U's upcoming Xenoblade title, not to mention Fire Emblem and Starfox for the 3DS.

Nintendo's biggest E3 2015 announcements:

PC Gaming Show times - Wednesday June 17th

Watch our live stream and reaction to the PC Gaming Show

For the first year in E3's long history, the PC is getting its own slice of the action courtesy of AMD and PC Gamer. Expect appearances from the likes of Blizzard, Paradox, CCP and Creative Assembly in this overdue addition to the biggest gaming show on earth.

  • BST: 1am
  • CEST: 2am
  • PDT: 5pm (Tuesday)
  • EDT: 8pm(Tuesday)

The PC Gaming Show's biggest E3 2015 announcements:

EA, Ubisoft, Bethesda and Square Enix E3 2015 Conference times

Bethesda E3 2015 Conference - Monday June 15th

Watch our live stream and reaction to Bethesda's conference

  • BST: 3.00am
  • CEST: 4.00am
  • PDT: 7.00pm (Sunday)
  • EDT: 10.00pm (Sunday)

Bethesda already has the biggest pre-show buzz thanks to the official reveal of Fallout 4 earlier this month. Expect to hear plenty more on this very welcome return of the franchise, as well as more information on Doom 4 and a little bit of Battlecry

Bethesa's biggest E3 2015 announcements:

Electronic Arts E3 2015 Conference - Monday June 15th

Watch our live stream and reaction to EA's conference

  • BST: 9pm
  • CEST: 10pm
  • PDT: 1pm
  • EDT: 4pm

Expect Battlefront 3 to take front and centre stage this year, and we'll hopefully see plenty of meaningful gameplay footage of the hugely anticipated title during EA's show. The long-awaited Mirror's Edge sequel is also likely to feature prominently, along with a little extra news on the reported reboot of Need for Speed. Then, of course, there'll be the usual refreshing of the publisher's assortment of sports titles.

EA's biggest E3 2015 announcements:

Ubisoft E3 2015 Conference - Monday June 15th

Watch our live stream and reaction to Ubisoft's conference

  • BST: 10.45pm
  • CEST: 11.45pm
  • PDT: 2.45PM
  • EDT: 5.45pm

A no-doubt humbler post-Unity Ubisoft will almost certainly be showing off Assassin's Creed Syndicate in much greater detail, but we're expecting to see a lot more of Rainbox Six Siege and The Division as well.

Ubisoft's biggest E3 2015 announcements:

Square Enix E3 2015 Conference - Tuesday June 16th

Watch our live stream and reaction to Square Enix's conference

  • BST: 6pm
  • CEST: 7pm
  • PDT: 10am
  • EDT: 1pm

Having obviously felt left out these past few years, Square Enix has decided to put on a show of its own - and thanks to a rich seam of games from its Japanese and Western studios, it's looking like it could be quite the spectacle. A first look at Deus Ex's new sequel, the potential of an all-new Hitman and the welcome return of some Japanese RPGs to the E3 stage, this one can't be missed.

Square Enix's biggest E3 2015 announcements:

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