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Falcon Age dev reveals new game as Thirsty Suitors

And they are definitely that.

The new game by Falcon Age developer Outer Loop has been revealed as Thirsty Suitors.

It's a joyful-looking game about a lady called Jala who's facing up to a life and decisions she once ran away from. This means dealing with an interfering family and even a string of exes and their broken hearts, which she appears to do by fighting them in exuberantly coloured showdowns. At one point, a presumed ex whips their top off to reveal a chiselled body before throwing a neon-outlined car at Jala.

And that's just one part of Thirsty Suitors. There's also a dramatic kind of cooking game within it, a Tony Hawk's-like skateboarding game, and a parkour game. So it's a story-driven game made up of varied, playful parts.

Cover image for YouTube videoTHIRSTY SUITORS | Reveal Trailer

Thirsty Suitors is the game acclaimed narrative designer Meghna Jayanth is helping Outer Loop's Chandana Ekanayake write. A game that will pull on lived immigrant experiences in the hope of giving stories from underrepresented cultures more air.

There's no release date beyond "coming soon" and no specific platforms are tied to it. Annapurna will publish.