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The best of the PC Gaming Show

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The PC Gaming Show focused on... you guessed it, PC games! The two-hour show was packed with trailers for upcoming games. Rather than list everything shown, I've curated a list of personal highlights. It includes Klei's next game, Tom Francis' next game and 11 bit's next game. There was some really cool stuff in the show - read on to check out the best bits.

We got a trailer for Don't Starve and Mark of the Ninja developer Klei's next game, Rotwood. It's a hack-and-slash dungeon crawler for up to four players in which you fight corrupted beasts, gather what remains and create a safe haven.

Tactical Breach Wizards! This turn-based strategy is from Tom Francis, maker of the excellent Gunpoint and Heat Signature.

This is The Invincible, a new philosophical sci-fi adventure game due out in 2023.

This is cool: the first in-game footage of 11 bit's new game, space survival The Alters. 11 bit is the developer behind the wonderful This War of Mine and Frostpunk, so this is one to watch.

Shiro Games showed off Dune: Spice Wars' multiplayer mode, which is out this month, a new co-op update for open-world tactical RPG Wartales, and a brand new solo adventure for Northgard.

We got a new trailer for Nightdive Studio's System Shock remake, which I'm looking forward to. Still no release date though!

Nivalis is a cool-looking, cyberpunk-themed "slice-of-life sim" set in the same city in which Ion Lands' previous game, Cloudpunk, takes place. Definitely one to watch.

Agent 64: Spies Never Die is, well, it's GoldenEye, isn't it? And why not? While we wait for Microsoft and Nintendo and whatever other stakeholder who needs to stick their oar into the official remake's release to pull their finger out, this retro FPS inspired by Rare's seminal shooter looks like a laugh.

Mountain city builder Laysara: Summit Kingdom looks right up my street. It's due out early 2023.

Here's the gameplay debut of Victoria 3, the upcoming grand strategy game from Paradox.

Here's a video update on the Thief-inspired Gloomwood, which is the game with the cool inventory bag. Early access kicks off 16th August.

The PC Gaming Show ended with an extended gameplay video of impressive-looking Half-Life: Alyx mod, Levitation. This is a four or five-hour campaign from a mod team. Modders made this!

Those are my picks for the best bits of the PC Gaming Show. What were your highlights?

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