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Zone of the Enders HD Collection due around Halloween

Includes playable Revengeance demo.

The Zone of the Enders HD Collection is slated for release on 30th October for Xbox 360 and PS3, publisher Konami has announced.

Astute readers will note this is a Tuesday, leading one to believe that it's for a US release. A Friday, 2nd November launch seems more likely in Europe, but we've followed up with Konami just to be sure and are awaiting reply.

Hideo Kojima's mech combat restoration will also include a playable demo to Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance.

This is in keeping with the series as the first Zone of the Enders contained a demo to the then-upcoming Metal Gear Solid 2, which our Martin Robinson said "may be Kojima's masterpiece" last week at a pub at 1 a.m.

The Zone of the Enders HD Collection contains both the first Zone of the Enders and the European special edition of its sequel, The Second Runner, making it stateside debut. This contains more difficulty settings, new VR training missions, more orbital frames in Versus Mode, and other new scenarios.

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